Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Umbrella of Obedience

- seeking protection under the Umbrella of Obedience - 

The Umbrella of Obedience

I saw this idea in a Protestant website years ago and really like it.  When you are under the Umbrella of Obedience you can be sure that nothing can touch you that isn't in God's perfect plan.  You will still suffer in this life but it won't be random suffering.  It will be purposeful suffering sent as a good gift full of graces from God.

How do you stay under the Umbrella of Obedience?  You obey all your authorities.  Children obey your parents.  Wives obey your husbands (yes, really, although I think abusive situations are an exception).  Workers obey your bosses.  Citizens obey your government (within the boundaries of what is moral).  All peoples obey your God.

If you step out from under the umbrella you are possibly subject to random, purposeless suffering. That stinks.

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