Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesus Likes Me, This I Know . . .

Raised in a devout Protestant home, "Jesus loves me" is a no-brainer. Of course, he loves me! Now as a Catholic, priests continue to invest (waste?) a lot of energy making SURE I know this.

The real question for me is "Does Jesus LIKE me?" In family situations sometimes I think it is easier to love than like. I mean love is an action, like is a feeling. Which is easier for you to control?

So I posed the question to Him in prayer. Do you like me? How can I know that you like me? In return came a question. "How do you know that people like you?" I guess if someone likes me they try to spend time with me. They might call, or schedule lunch or some sort of get-together.

Seems like I must like Jesus, based on that. With no one making me, of my own free will and free time I stop by the church to say "hi". I call his name often during the day just to check in or thank Him or ask Him for stuff. I guess I like Jesus.

Later that day, in one of those quiet moments, I felt the familiar closeness of God. You know, one of those warm-heart, precious-quiet presence moments. And the message with them? "I came to see ya."

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