Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hisfacebook: Heaven as Social Media

I think one of the best things about being in heaven will be all the other people from the creation of the world who will also be there. Here are some people I would like to "friend" when/if I get there.

Saints - especially John the Baptist. This guy left his family at a young age, went out in the wilderness to live with the animals and eat bugs. Then he founds a "new religion" with weird dunking rituals. AND HE GETS IT RIGHT!

Family and friends who are alive now but scattered all over the country/world - no more "missing you". Be good and we can hang out together on Hisfacebook forever.

Family and friends who have passed - Nanna!

My ancestors - I can't wait to meet my great, great grandparents and all those who came before me. Won't it be fun to see where all of one's silly quirks and special gifts came from?

My guardian angel - He has watched me do every good/bad/stupid thing I have ever done and still loves me. He must have a permanent cringe on his angelic countenance (and maybe a nervous tic).

With the exception of those who, through whatever actions in this life have chosen not to sign on with Hisfacebook, EVERYBODY is going to be there! You think people from your past are coming out of the woodwork to friend you on facebook now . . .

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