Thursday, December 24, 2009

Idea - Spiritual Adoption

Today our family will be celebrating two birthdays. First, Our Lord. Second, baby Jennifer. We don't know if Jennifer will actually be born or if she will have been aborted. Actually, we don't even know who Jennifer is.

It is all part of a spiritual adoption program our parish participated in this year. Our priest choose to begin on March 25, the Annunciation, and have our babies grow in the womb along with Jesus. We had posters every month showing the progress of the babies (and Jesus') development.

Families or individuals could pledge to pray for one unknown, unborn baby every day for the nine month period (and hopefully thereafter). If they liked, they could name the baby as well. About 68 people decided to make the pledge in our parish.

This cost the church only the initial cost of the posters and any bulletin flyers we produced. Even little children were allowed to spiritually adopt a baby if they wanted. Was our parish successful in saving 68 children from being aborted? Only God knows. Maybe we saved one.

Now, having completed our family pledge I wonder a lot about this. What kind of prayers does our adopted unknown family need? Do they need material help? Are they scared or excited? Did they abort Jennifer and now need healing somehow?

I hope I remember to pray for this family for a long time. I hope I meet them in heaven and get all my questions answered. I hope our church does this program again next year.

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  1. My dear , read the blog -Meditation from the Cardinal Nest - by Ruth !
    At January 7 post ,you will see one amazing story about one amazing sister .She`s looking for founds to feed some hungryes childrens .
    I just thinking how i can realy help !??
    I pray that Joy For All will minister to it's visitors
    and will encourage and bless everyone in some way.
    We can identify with the disciples. At times, we have
    a tendency to focus on the things that are going on around us instead of the One that is in control of all things. When that happens, reality may seem overwhelming, and the problems appear unsolvable. However, we must realize to be fearful
    is to lack faith in God and in His provision for us. True faith focuses on God, not on the things that are happening.
    Psalm 139:11-12
    If I say, surely the darkness shall fall on me,
    Even the night shall be light about me.
    Indeed, the darkness shall not hide
    from You, but the night shines as the day,
    the darkness and the light are both
    a like to You.
    in Jesus love >> Kelly