Saturday, December 12, 2009

Idea - Kids Perform VBS Songs at Nursing Homes

This idea is easy, tested and works! Every summer the kids at many churches go to Vacation Bible School (VBS) or something similarly named. Often, part of their day is spent learning religious songs with easy hand motions or dances.

In the months that follow VBS, if you have a few parents who are interested, you can set some times with your local nursing homes for kids to come in and perform the VBS songs. You will need someone willing to lead the motions in the back of the room, or somewhere that the kids can see them, and you will need your music on a jam box. (Sick kids should be encouraged to stay home so they don't spread germs to the residents.)

When a church I was a member of did this, we kept it very laid back. Even toddler siblings were welcome to follow along the motions (this always stole the show). We would gather 30 minutes in advance in a second room provided by the nursing home while they gathered their residents and we would practice the whole show once. This allowed the kids to refresh their memories and/or bring friends who had not gone to VBS who wanted to join in the fun. If you have VBS t-shirts kids can wear them for costumes but that isn't even required.

We went to a different nursing home or assisted living facility every month and the whole thing would take about an hour and a half. That includes the pre-show practice. After every VBS you have a whole fresh new show so you can return to the same places year after year.

This gets the kids into the nursing homes which gives them a good way be able to share God's love with people who are often lonely, sad and hurting. It also gives the kids a place to perform with their church friends in a non-judgemental setting. Quality is not much of an issue. The kids will be very much appreciated by the staff and residents. Easy, free and win-win. I like ideas like that.

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  1. RAnn says: "Great idea. I have a GS troop and while I've done Christmas caroling in the past, I've never thought about going to sing at other times of the year."