Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Rain that falls up. Stop that!

I can imagine a conversation between my children in which my six-year-old invents an imaginary place, maybe "Joeyland", with all kinds of wild things like summer-saulting birds and rain that "falls" up and trees whose leaves change color. Then it would be the obligation of my 11-year-old to tell him his nuttiness was an unacceptable offense against the proper way things work (and call him a few choice names to teach him his lesson).

So what was God thinking with this autumn thing? It is like He was being silly and decreed that once every year half the trees would just change their leaf color and He had no 11-year-old sister around to abuse some sense into Him. And He made this technical-sounding scientific reason for this really silly thing. Even the word "chlorophyll" probably gave Him a good giggle.

But why red and yellow and orange? Why not blue and purple while He was at it? I was pondering this and thinking how red is the color of blood. And fall is the season before the death season, like maybe the season of the suffering before death. Now don't ask me about the yellow and orange. That is why this is a blog and I hope you will all have opinions on this and jump through all of google's menacing registration hoops to tell me what you think.

But if there is a message about suffering in the color of the fall leaves, how wonderful that it is a season of such beauty. 

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