Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I stumbled upon this as I was wading through the wonderful world of free stock photos. It is entitled "Fantasy, Guardian Angel." I was relieved to see from the title that this is a good guy - you know, on our side and all that. He doesn't look like he has much to do really. Might just take a nap and all.

What a good reminder, though, of the spiritual battle that is in full swing in the Catholic Church at this time. I don't know that the battle is actually worse now than it was fifty years ago but it sure is more clearly visible! It feels as if the covered pasta pot of evil is boiling over and threatening to flood the kitchen. Will someone please turn down the heat!? (Let's ask that big guardian angel guy in the picture.)

Well, it is clearly visible if you know where to look. There is an eerie stillness and silence in the mainstream media and even in our churches. Meanwhile Catholic media is going berserk with two to three horrifying new news stories A DAY. Reporters for the mainstream Catholic media, which is still getting it's bills paid by the bishops and cardinals, often seem on the brink of gagging or tears as they calmly report what is obviously the vast destruction of the Holy Faith as if it were just another Trump tweet scandal.

Imagine as you look at this picture the kind of enemies this angel is meant to fight. Imagine lots of them. Big ones fighting our city, national, church and international wars. Little ones tripping us as we walk down the street, invisibly whacking us with sticks and fudging up our relationships, encouraging us more deeply into our addictions, mental illness and trauma.

This is a call to arms! The ultimate battle of good and evil is NOW! It is for our generation. It is here. Where are YOU?

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