Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I'm a Christian. You're a Catholic. You're not a Christian.

Conversation 1 
Non-Catholic Teen Eating Lunch in Catholic School Cafeteria (referring to the crucifix on the wall):  It's so weird and uncomfortable eating in the same room with a gory, dead body.
My daughter:  A cross without Jesus on it is just a tree.

You know how homeschool kids who want to go to public school always play the I-think-God-wants-me-to-be-a-witness-to-the-poor-lost-souls-at-the-public-school card?  I have always thought of that as probably bunk.

Now my ex-homeschooled daughter is not some perfect little saint-child but she does know her faith better than most and she loves a good . . . I won't say "fight". She loves a good discussion between herself and differently-minded others that sometimes involves conversational decibel levels rivaling incoming jet planes.

I am FLOORED by how many times she has been called on to defend her faith at the public high school since she started going there.

 Conversation 2
Catholic teen at social gathering discussing how all the kids in a protestant family are named after people from the Bible:  All the kids in my family are named after saints. 
Non-Catholic Neighborboy:  Our church doesn't have saints.  Only Catholics have saints.
My daughter:  Saints are just people who made it to heaven.

Here's one for you to try.

Conversation 3 
Neighborboy again:  I'm a Christian.  You're a Catholic.  You're not a Christian.
You: ____________________________________________________________

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