Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Fundamentally Chicken

The above picture is non-political, being taking in March 2012, before the big hoo-haw.

My daughter, Gina, has been pretty upset about the Chick-fil-A bashing that has been going on. We have had lengthy discussions about the possible consequences of "unfriending" close family members on Facebook over this.

Her strong feelings have nothing to do with politics, she just loves the darn chicken.  Ever since we moved out of the south she has pined for that yummy peanut-oil fried goodness and waffle fries. The above picture was taken on a recent journey south.  This shows her second visit to Chick-fil-A during a four day trip.

Lest I seem to take sides on this one, please note that her vegetarian sister's (non-political) look of revulsion was cropped out of the picture by request.

So eat chicken or don't.  To each his own.

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