Monday, February 22, 2010


I recently realized that a good friend of mine thought that since I am a blogger I must be famous. Imagine me with autograph-seekers interrupting my Chicken McNuggets!

In response to this innocent but erroneous thought, I present for you the Catholic Blog Directory! I don't think this is a particularly official collection but it does paint quite a picture. To me it is a picture of a world where everyone is so busy talking that no one has time to listen, self included.

It is like God came down and gave everyone with an internet connection a megaphone. I suppose some of us are using it as a useful footrest, some are singing ballads and practicing for American Idol, and some of us are walking around saying "testing, testing."

You can ponder that if you like. Having given up meat for Lent, I am going off now to try to distract myself from any more thoughts about Chicken McNuggets.

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  1. Wow! Did I give up meat for Lent last year and LIVE?