Friday, November 13, 2009

Idea - Parishioner Fund

So a church would set up a fund. People could donate if they wanted and there would be a list that individuals/families could put their names on if they would like to receive from it. Rules I suggest would be something like this (but could be as general or specific as you like):

- You must have been a parishioner at the church for at least a year.
- You must have been laid off from a job.

Once a month, whatever money is in the fund would be divided up between those whose names are on the list with a maximum amount of maybe $500/month or something, beyond which funds would be carried over to the next month's pot.

The point is not to solve all of anyone's financial problems and this is designed to be a non-judgemental system where there are no forms, no board of directors, no one in the position of deciding who is worthy. It is pretty much on the honor system for the receivers and just a way that folks can offer help to fellow parishioners who have come to the point where they would like some help.

It could be tried for 6 months to see if it is a good or bad thing. This has not yet been tried to my knowledge.

Your comments are welcome.

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