Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nursing Virgin Part 2

Since writing the Nursing Virgin post I have found more information on this subject at the Fish Eaters website from which I copy the following:

From St. Ephraem's Hymns on the Nativity:
Mary bore a mute Babe though in Him were hidden all our tongues.
Joseph carried Him, yet hidden in Him was a silent nature older than everything.
The Lofty One became like a little child, yet hidden in Him was a treasure of Wisdom that suffices for all.
He was lofty but He sucked Mary's milk, and from His blessings all creation sucks.
He is the Living Breast of living breath; by His life the dead were suckled, and they revived.
Without the breath of air no one can live; without the power of the Son no one can rise.
Upon the living breath of the One Who vivifies all depend, the living beings above and below.
As indeed He sucked Mary's milk, He has given suck -- life to the universe.
As again He dwelt in His mother's womb, in His womb dwells all creation.
Mute He was as a babe, yet He gave to all creation all His commands.
For without the First-Born no one is able to approach Being, for He alone is capable of it.

Wow! Also at this site is a huge list of links to pictures of the Blessed Virgin Mary nursing baby Jesus.

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