Friday, April 10, 2009

Fluffy Sweaters

In church last Sunday we were sitting behind a family that had different ideas than I did about how long a crying baby should remain in the pews with its parents before being escorted to the cry room. I really appreciate cry rooms as an option for those who are uncomfortable disturbing people around them. It is also really important to me that those who are struggling be uplifted and not condemned by fellow church attendees. When time comes to pass the peace I always dig up my biggest, warmest smile for those who may fear that they are annoying their neighbors. I was thinking the "ask not why the table isn't set, just go get the spoons" response might be to sit intentionally in front of people with loud-looking toddlers and to wear really fluffy sweaters to try to soak up the eminating sound waves. In Wisconsin you can get away with fluffy sweaters much of the year. Ha, ha.

1 comment:

  1. It has never occurred to me before that our calling before the Lord might be as an adequate piece of sound baffling.