Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stained Glass Collection

(Jeff Gardner self-portrait taken in St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, Warsaw, ND)

If things are looking just a bit classier around here, graphically speaking, it is thanks to the work Jeff Gardner (above). In just one year he managed to photograph the stained glass windows in 84 Catholic churches in the upper midwest and his beautiful pictures are available for viewing online. After talking with him a bit I am not sure even he really understands why he did it. You can read about him, his project and his photography tips at West Central Wisconsin Catholic.

Also, Gardner has been a big help in identifying several of the apostles in the stained glass windows of the Chapel Challenge. If this interests you, check it out. :)

I am grateful to Jeff Gardner for his willingness to share his work with you through this blog and its sister sites.

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