Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catholic New Media Awards Results

The results are in for the Catholic New Media Awards, 2009. In an act of brazen-osity (sorry, I couldn't spell "brazenness") I submitted both this blog and West Central Wisconsin Catholic, it's sister website, as nominees in many categories.

You might be interested to check out all the links to the winners. Maybe you will find something that you like on this MONSTROUSLY LONG LIST. Otherwise you can see how my sites did. Mostly at the bottom of the heap, but since I didn't vote for myself, or solicit votes from anyone, even the ONE VOTE I got in some categories means that some total stranger out there somewhere who ISN'T EVEN MY MOM thought that my site was the best. Whoever you are, you made my day. Even if it was just a stinkin' act of mercy, I am good with that.

You can also see, however, that EIGHT PEOPLE who are NOT MY MOTHER thought this was the Funniest Blog out of all those listed. Three people also thought that WCWCAtholic was the Best Social Networking Site.

Thank you.

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