Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Catholic Worker Articles

I recently posted a new Catholic Worker section at my West Central Wisconsin Catholic website. It includes two original articles on local CW houses (like these gals from the Gilbert House Catholic Worker Community) and some links and general information about the CW Movement, which turns out to be full of life in this area. One of the founders of the CW Movement was Peter Maurin. You can read one of his "Easy Essays" in the right hand column of this blog.

CW stuff is related to several of my earlier postings because:

1) at its best, CW philosophy combines both obedience to the Catholic Church and hands-on help for the poor and

2) in the Stillwater CW article you will see the fulfillment (at least partially) of what I was talking about in the "What Would Dr. Brilliant Do?" post. The LifeCare Center in Stillwater IS very effectively answering the needs of those who might otherwise have abortions.

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